The Ghost Gear Jumper

Following the first #Net_Hack_Challenge event held at the University of the Creative Arts (UCA), UK in Autumn 2016, MA craft and design student Jennifer Jones has recently unveiled her Ghost Gear jumper entitled “Trapped”. The creation has been hand woven from mono-filament yarn with channelled pockets composed of salvaged, discarded fishing gear and sea shells.

The use of fishing line and ghost gear has been used not only as an innovative and sustainable but also to demonstrate how something so devastatingly indestructible can be made to be invisible or even attractive. Jennifer explains the concept “The jumper is hard, spiky and unpleasant to the touch, while the arms and neck are made into suffocating nets, to signifying the indiscriminate ease with which Ghost Fishing Gear traps wildlife and damages the environment. The ends of the sleeves and neck have been tied into mock nets which are drawn closed.”

The #Net_Hack_Challenge concept was designed by Professor Martin Charter at The Centre for Sustainable Design at UCA, to develop solutions to a series of challenges surrounding management of FNR’s . The first challenge was held in Farnham in November 2016, followed by a further workshop in Reykjavik in July 2017, both have resulted in a collection of innovative product concept prototypes, for which we are seeking interest for further development.

Jennifer Jones UCA Project 17 from R&A Collaborations on Vimeo.