Circular Ocean - Inspiring Communities to realise the hidden economic opportunities of discarded fishing nets and ropes in the Northern Periphery & Arctic region  Eco Innovation Toolkit

Circular Ocean is offering free consultancy for start-ups and small/medium-sized companies (SMEs) to support the development of eco-innovative products, technologies and services derived from waste fishing nets, ropes and components (FNRCs). Click here for details

The project will also develop and produce a Green Economy Business Suite – a guide for communities, businesses, entrepreneurs, and residents within the Northern Periphery and Arctic region. Using information, knowledge and ideas gathered from across the region and beyond, the guide will include a variety of features to assist and empower residents of northern communities to develop new innovative products and business opportunities based on recycling or reuse of fishing nets and ropes. These guides will be made available to use and download at no cost.

The Green Economy Business Suite will include guidance in addressing the following challenges and opportunities involved in recycling and reusing fishing nets and ropes:


  • Business and enterprise potential for recycling in the Northern Periphery and Arctic areas
  • Detailed exploration of case studies of existing fishnet recycling projects, their challenges and opportunities from northern Europe and beyond
  • Handbook of fishing net reuse options, including innovative eco-design companies
  • Fishing net reuse and recycling brochure for local communities
  • Examples of pilot work undertaken using fishing nets and ropes within remote regions
  • Open source eco-innovation hub for recycling and repurposing marine litter allowing the exchange of ideas and techniques
  • Eco-innovation toolkit - publications to support partners and end-users on circular economy innovation (related to discarded fishing nets)


  • Marine litter environmental impact and life cycle handbook
  • Reports on the environmental impact of discarded fishing nets
  • Research feasibility and cost/ benefit analysis of fishnet collection for export and recycling
  • Guide to supportive policy and regional frameworks regarding innovation within local regional and national levels
  • Policy and institutional barrier reports

This section is currently being developed and will be updated
as the project progresses.

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