Inspiring Communities to realise the hidden economic opportunities of discarded fishing nets and ropes in the Northern Periphery & Arctic region

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Did you know? Annually, 12.7 million tons of plastic waste enters our oceans

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Could discarded fishing nets be your next business opportunity?

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  • Fishing Nets, Oil Spills and Microplastics in Oulu

    Circular Ocean travelled north to the city of Oulu in Finland last week to join forces with fellow NPA project “APP4SEA”, hosting a joint event at the University of Oulu on November 9th. The seminar focused on cross-border marine pollution, with a particular emphasis placed on the threat of oil spills to the Arctic region […]

  • Port Related Feasibility Study Published

    Recent research completed by the Circular Ocean project partners in Greenland, Ireland, Norway and Scotland, has shown a fragmented picture of the issues surrounding waste nets and ropes (FNR’s). Within each of the four countries there are different levels of fishing activity undertaken, with the number of ports, harbours and landing areas varying significantly. Generally, […]

  • Maritime Challenges of the 21st Century

    Circular Ocean will join forces with fellow NPA project APP4SEA in an innovative seminar putting marine pollution under the spotlight.  APP4SEA works to contribute to marine oil spill response preparedness and awareness in the four partner countries of Finland, Norway, Iceland and Scotland. This joint event will take place at the University of Oulu, Finland […]

    Date: 9th November 2017

    Location: Oulu, Finland

  • Building Green Copenhagen

    Building Green is the place to be if you have an interest in sustainable products, thoughts and solutions in the construction/building industry. Building Green is a growing event in Scandinavia which has recently expanded to Denmark in 2017 to reach as many as possible! Their mission is to highlight the importance of sustainable building and thinking. […]

    Date: 1st & 2nd November 2017

    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

  • New Research highlights threat of marine plastics to seabirds

    New research released by Circular Ocean has highlighted the threat marine plastic pollution poses to seabirds in the northeastern Atlantic region. Researchers found that, of 34 seabird species investigated, 74% have ingested plastic. The paper, published in the journal of Environmental Pollution, was written by our partners at North Highland College UHI’s Environmental Research Institute, part […]