Inspiring Communities to realise the hidden economic opportunities of discarded fishing nets and ropes in the Northern Periphery & Arctic region

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Did you know? Annually, 12.7 million tons of plastic waste enters our oceans

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Could discarded fishing nets be your next business opportunity?

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    The ocean is full of plastic, which we know as an intractable problem. Meanwhile, sand used for making concrete is running low. But there might be a way to solve both problems at once. A company called ByFusion has developed a process, compact enough to fit on a ship, that scoops up plastic and compresses it into […]

  • Could a ‘100% recyclable’ polymer drive the new plastics economy?

    A new packaging polymer is the subject of an article on the website This new packaging polymer is both 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. The developers of a packaging polymer that is both 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable in standard waste management facilities claim the new material could help to create a much-needed circular […]

  • Ocean plastic count in the trillions

    The first estimate of plastic afloat on the global oceans is a “highly conservative” 5.25 trillion pieces.  This is according to an article on the website The article goes on to explain that the count, which only measures surface-floating plastic, finds its total mass would weigh around 268,940 tonnes – though the vast majority of […]