Circular Ocean #ChemHack

The Circular Ocean #ChemHack Challenge took place as part of the 17th European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry (EMEC17) on 29th November 2016, organised by the Environmental Research Institute (ERI), North Highland College, part of the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI). The aim of the #ChemHack Challenge was to develop innovative solutions to ‘end of life’ problems associated with contaminated fishing nets and ropes (FNRs), specifically:

  • Washing processes to remove anti-foulants and other chemical compounds impregnated into nylon fishing nets and ropes (FNRs) and cages
  • Processes to decontaminate the waste water arising from the washing process
  • Processes to extract copper compounds from FNRs and cages for metals recycling

Read the full report here