Empowering Communities

Applying information, knowledge and ideas gathered from across the region and beyond, The Circular Ocean Project will act as a catalyst to motivate and empower remote and rural communities to develop novel and robust business opportunities that are environmentally sustainable and enhance income generation and retention in these regions.

Circular Ocean will guide communities on how best to harness the hidden opportunities of discarded fishing nets through each of the stages in the recovery, recycling and reuse process:

Our Approach

The project will provide resources outlining the areas of opportunity available to local communities in the NPA region, including:

  • Business and enterprise potential for recycling in the Northern Periphery and Arctic Areas
  • Detailed exploration of case studies of existing fishnet recycling projects, their challenges and opportunities from northern Europe and beyond
  • Handbook of fishing net reuse options, including innovative eco-design companies
  • Fishing net reuse and recycling brochure for local communities
  • Examples of pilot work undertaken using fishing nets and ropes within remote regions
  • Open source eco-innovation hub for recycling and repurposing marine litter allowing the exchange of ideas and techniques
  • Eco-innovation toolkit – publications to support partners and end-users on circular economy innovation (related to discarded fishing nets).

Get Inspired

Interested in transforming marine waste into a viable business opportunity?
Take a look below at examples of companies who have developed green, sustainable and profitable enterprises from discarded fishing nets and ropes.


AQUAFIL, specialized in the production of Nylon6, is the European leader in fibres for carpet flooring and it boasts significant experience in the production of fibres for clothing. In 2011, Aquafil introduced the ECONYL® Regeneration System, an innovative industrial regeneration process, in order to produce the Nylon 6 polymer from pre and post- consumer waste.


finding solutions for the growing issue of plastic pollution in our oceans and initiating social change. With lifelong passions for surfing and the environment, the Bureo Team aims to continue the fight against ocean plastics and inspire others to find solutions through sustainable product design


At Interface, we go beyond merely offering carpet tile products with recycled content to actually reclaiming used carpet in order to convert it into new. As we design our products, we carefully consider their ultimate destination, doing whatever we can—including partnering with other carpet reclamation companies—to ensure no reclaimed carpet ends up in the landfill.

About Us

Circular Ocean is a three year project (2015-2018) that aims to Inspire communities to realise the hidden economic opportunities of discarded fishing nets and ropes in the Northern Periphery and Arctic region


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