Circular Ocean - Inspiring Communities to realise the hidden economic opportunities of discarded fishing nets and ropes in the Northern Periphery & Arctic region  Heidi Rapp Nilsen

Dr. Heidi Rapp Nilsen, Senior Researcher, Norut Northern Research Institute, Norway

Dr. Heidi Rapp Nilsen specializes in Ecological economics and applied ethics, which incorporates the principles of a circular economy. In her research she focuses on the very start of the circularity; the need to reduce the use of primary resources into our economy. Ecological integrity is threatened not only by our pollution, as from lost and discarded fishing gear, but also by land-use change and the massive use of primary resources. How to construct and use fishing gear to enhance the gear’s lifespan, how to avoid fishing gear become discarded or lost, how to avoid debris entering our oceans and ecosystems? These are central questions which must be answered to make a circular economy ecological sustainable. Heidi currently works as a senior researcher in Norut Northern Research Institute in Norway. She has previously worked in the United Nations Industrial Organization and at the Arctic University of Norway. In August 2018 she will commence as a researcher at NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, to work on NTNU Oceans Pilot programme on Responsible Ocean Research and Innovation (HAVANSVAR). This research programme addresses ethical, cultural, communicative, narrative and historic dimensions of ocean related research and innovation (