Scottish Clean up at Scapa Flow

SPECIALIST divers cleared lost lobster pots, fishing nets and rope from Scapa Flow, Scotland in a move to make the seabed safer for marine life and divers. Scapa Flow is one of the world’s largest natural harbours at 120 square miles and the sea around Orkney (Scotland) has one of the largest concentrations of shipwrecks anywhere in the world. The effects of lost or discarded fishing nets, lines and pots, also known as “ghost gear”, will also be studied as they continue to catch and cause the unnecessary suffering and death of marine life and place additional strain on fishing stocks. Last year on a similar mission over 60 pots, large fishing nets, about a mile of ropes and significant amounts of other fishing debris were recovered with a large proportion recycled. The Scapa Flow project, initiated by Ghost Fishing UK, which is made up of organisations such as researchers’ body the Global Underwater Explorers and net recycler Healthy Seas, could lead to more clear-ups elsewhere in UK waters. For more information go to