Course Materials for Sustainability Educators

The team at the prestigious Volvo Ocean Race have launched free resource materials for educators seeking to inspire future generations to reduce their plastic footprint and protect our oceans from the scourge of plastic pollution. The Volvo Ocean Race “Sustainability Education Programme” will help teachers and students (aged 6-12 years) discover the excitement of sailing through the Volvo Ocean Race, the importance of the ocean and how ocean plastic pollution is damaging our blue planet. It will also show you ways to combat ocean plastic pollution and students can make a difference by becoming Volvo Ocean Race Champions for the Sea!


There are four topics:

  1. What is the Volvo Ocean Race?
  2. What is Ocean Plastic Pollution?
  3. How to reduce plastic pollution
  4. My Positive Plastic Footprint


There are a rage of teaching resources for each topic to help inspire positive action for the ocean, including presentations, worksheets, booklets, quiz, certificates and badges!  All education materials are available for free download here