Webinar: Product Circularity & Economic Opportunities of Fishing Nets

Date:   5th October 2017

Presented by Circular Ocean Partner, Martin Charter, Director of The Centre for Sustainable Design of the University for the Creative Arts. The webinar will discuss how circular economies aim to minimize resource inputs, emissions, and energy leakage by designing long-lasting products; maintaining, repairing, and reusing them; and recycling them at the end of their useful life. This is in contrast to traditional linear economies utilizing ‘take, make, dispose’ models of production. The talk will provide guidance on how organisations can implement circular economy principles related to products, processes, and business models. It will also introduce the Circular Ocean project which pursues innovative and sustainable solutions for marine plastic waste arising from waste fishing nets and ropes (FNRs). Issues related to waste FNRs, existing products that utilise FNRs, and potential new business models for waste FNRs will be presented.

Webinar co-sponsored by the NOAA National MPA Center, MPA News, and the EBM Tools Network (co-coordinated by NatureServe and