Official Launch of Circular Ocean in Greenland!

Date:   9th April 2016

Location:   Greenland

The official launch of the Circular Ocean project will took place on April 9th, 2016 in Greenland. An integral part of Circular Ocean is its multi-disciplinary project team, which includes representation from regions that have vast coastlines, important fishing industries and many remote communities. Greenland is one such region and Circular Ocean project partners ARTEK (Arctic Technology Centre – Technical University of Denmark) play a key role in the project in their investigation of the feasibility of using fishing nets as a construction material.

This research being undertaken by ARTEK is in line with the overall objective of the project which is to develop sustainable green business opportunities and eco-innovation using marine waste in remote and rural coastal areas in the NPA region. ARKTEK held an International Conference “Sanitation in Cold Climate Regions” in Sisimuit Greenland from April 12th – 14th. As part of the event, Circular Ocean was officially launched in Greenland on Saturday, April 9th. The launch saw representation from academic, private and public sectors, as well as input and support from local communities, businesses and entrepreneurs. The event marked the official kick-start to the project and will be co-ordinated by the Communications partner of the project, Macroom E. To keep up-to-date, remember to visit us on Facebook and Twitter and sign up to our Circular Ocean newsletter