An Ocean for Life

Date:   5th - 6th October 2017

Location:   Malta

Since 2014, Our Ocean conferences, have invited world leaders to look forward and respond, delivering high-level commitments and transforming the challenges ahead into an opportunity for cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship. The 2017 edition, “An Ocean for Life”, will be hosted for the first time by the European Union in Malta on October 5th-6th.

Tackling marine pollution is an ambitious challenge, but also a great opportunity: a circular economy that reduces waste could yield billions in cash just by improving efficiency. The need for litter recovery and recycling will open the door to new innovative business models. Such ‘blue’ entrepreneurship will not only help to improve the health and productivity of the marine environment, it will also allow smart solutions for sustainable development to flourish.

The Our Ocean Conference is looking for commitments from public authorities, business and civil society to help reduce contamination and littering, and develop initiatives that make ocean litter prevention, recovery and recycling more efficient. With political will building momentum, this year’s conference aims to see the kind of commitment to action that will finally reverse the trend of ever-increasing marine pollution.

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